Tips for Recovery

In this short video Dr Grant Blashki discusses his 10 Tips for Recovery from serious illness:

  1. Structure Your Time
  2. Take one day at a time
  3. Be Patient- think organic, not mechanical time
  4. Surround yourself with supportive family and friends
  5. Surround yourself with a good team of health professionals who communicate well
  6. Watch inspiring stories of recovery
  7. Remember that things do change
  8. Be kind to yourself
  9. Expect a fluctuating course of recovery
  10. Stay Hopeful and Flexible


Living your Fullest Life after Breast Cancer
By Felicia Knaul and Maja Pleic
As women age, we have many changes to look forward to as the uncertainties of love and employment blossom into the stability of family and career, and the anxieties of youth are transformed into the wisdom of maturity…

NCDs - a Positive Psychology Approach to Coping
By Timothy Sharp
If you’ve picked up this book and/or begun reading this chapter (which you obviously have or else you wouldn’t be hearing these words in your head!) then you probably already know what a noncommunicable disease is because you either have one yourself or you know someone else who does…



Last updated: 07.04.15