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As of October 2014, no external funding has been obtained for the site and it has been funded by Associate Professor Grant Blashki, General Practitioner and Academic.  
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Last Updated June 2017

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Medical Commentary Policy

Claims and advice about medical issues are determined by the website editor Dr. Grant Blashki MD MBBS FRACGP GAICD based on the following principles. A/Prof Grant Blashki’s academic record is available at www.blashki.com

Evidence Based Information
Where it exists, scientific evidence in the publically available peer reviewed literature is used to determine the best evidence based clinical advice.
Clinical guidelines by professional bodies where available are used to inform the best practice.
Where information is of a more anecdotal nature from either family doctor experience or common practice this is highlighted to the viewer.
Where a clinical issue is controversial or disputed this is highlighted to the viewer, and the cases for and against presented.

No bias is allowed from commercial or agendas other than the best interest of the viewer.
Wherevever possible the level and quality of evidence is communicated to the viewer.

familydoctor.expert provides a feedback email address feedback@familydoctor.expert and is open to feedback about the evidence for medical claims

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This site complies with the   HONcode standard for trustworthy health  information:  verify here.

This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here.