Head Injury

In general practice we see many people who in the adventures of life have had a bump on the head-sometimes this is minor, or sometimes a more major knock. It is particularly common in children who are brought in to see the doctor after falling off skateboards or falling out of trees or other adventurous activities. Because the brain is encased, in a sense, in a closed box, the skull, there is some potential for swelling around the brain to cause pressure build up and serious complications. Therefore in this video Dr Grant Blashki talks about management of minor head injuries and in particular what to look out for after someone has had a injury to the head.


Head injuries and concussion
The hard skull and facial bones protect the brain, which is a soft organ. If the skull is injured, then the brain becomes more vulnerable. When someone has a knock to the head, the brain moves about and can knock against the skull and facial bones. This type of injury may cause the brain to swell and even bleed.