Diabetes or what is called Diabetes Mellitus is a common condition involving high sugar levels in the blood and which untreated can result in many medical complications affecting the kidney heart and eyes as well as other organs in the body. Unfortunately, many people who have diabetes do not even know, so it is well worth going along to the GP and getting a simple blood sugar test to see if you might have it. It tends to be more common in people with a family history of diabetes, and also in people who are overweight. Detecting and managing diabetes early can drastically reduce the chance of complications and so it is well worth finding out if you or a family member are suffering from diabetes. Talk to your GP about this common and manageable condition.


When the Water Drops are Sweet: Living with Diabetes Mellitus
By Clement Lo and Sophia Zoungas
The term diabetes mellitus is derived from Greek and Latin words meaning excessive discharge of urine (diabetes), which is honey sweet (mellitus). The disease diabetes mellitus was first described as early as 1500 BC by physicians from Egypt and India…