Depression is a common and serious condition in the community that can greatly affect people's ability to function in their family life and work. In these videos, we talk about the causes and types of depression, as well as the treatments that are available. For many people, getting help for depression may be difficult or possibly embarrassing, however there are excellent treatments available that have been shown to work in research studies and it is well worth getting some proper advice from your GP if you or a family member are suffering from depression. Your GP will assess what is the best plan for your situation and whether getting specialist help may be a good idea for you.


Get happy: Using the powerful principles of positive psychology to live your best life!
By Timothy Sharp
Historically, psychology has focused almost exclusively on identifying and alleviating problems. We have done a fantastic job of helping people overcome and deal with stress and depression…

Escaping drugs and alcohol
By Adrian Dunlop
Alcohol and drugs: Why do people take them, what do they hope to get out of taking them? Why do things go wrong sometimes? How do people get into trouble?…

Surfing out of the depths
By Kathleen Griffiths
She wakes up and her heart sinks. Another day and once again she is overwhelmed by a sense of dread. Eventually she forces one leg out of the bed and somehow the rest of her follows…


What is Depression?
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Managing Depression
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