Cholesterol is a fat in the blood, which has an important role in making the cells in your body healthy. The problem is if it's level is too high, it can lead to heart disease and clog up the arteries in the body. Having high cholesterol may be partially bad luck just due to your genetics inherited in your family, but is also influenced by your diet. In the short video, Dr Grant Blashki talks about what cholesterol is, what is its significance, how it can be lowered, and some of the medications that can be used too. Your GP will know a lot about cholesterol and be able to help you reduce it to a healthy level.


Noncommunicable Diseases
By Alessandro Demaio
NCDs, or noncommunicable diseases, are a group of diseases connected by their causes – or what doesn’t cause them. They are a group of diseases defined by what they are not. Quite literally, their name means those diseases we cannot catch from another person…