Ageing & Retirement

Retirement is a big time of transition for most people who are often coping with some combination of physical illnesses, losses of family or friends, sometimes financial issues, and accommodation changes too. There are also often some broader existential concerns about what is meaningful for people who are no longer in the workforce. At the same time, it can be a rich and creative time away from the pressures of work life. The readings below from Future Leaders provide some valuable insights into the retirement period.


Retirement and ageing: A reordering of priorities
By Tara Sklar
Suppose we could live forever? How would we prioritise our time? Would we retire? In Einstein’s Dreams, Alan Lightman playfully and beautifully describes different theories of time...

Funding retirement
By Carsten Murawski
A few years ago, a survey asked several hundred Americans what they feared more: death, or running out of money during retirement. Three out of five respondents stated the latter...

Maintaining harmony in families with later life decisions
By Susan A. Blashki
My interest in older people began quite early in my own life for three reasons. The first because my mother became seriously ill in her late fifties and I already had to learn to start to understand the role of being a carer...

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